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Bluey: Keepy Uppys is a fun game of catching balloons and preventing it from hitting the ground. You start out in the kitchen, where you have one red balloon in the air on which you click in order to keep it in the air, gaining one point every time that you bump one of the balloons, it is as simple as that. When you're done in the kitchen, you move to the garden, where a blue balloon is also added, so now you have two that you keep in the air. In the playground, you then move and get a third balloon, this time a green one, and you have to keep all of them into the air. You then return to the kitchen, where a yellow one also gets added, and so forth. It's easy and fun to play and kids would enjoy playing this game. Enjoy playing this fun game here at Y8.com!

Catégorie: Arcade & Classiques
Ajouté le 21 Dec 2020