Jeux FĂ©e

Jouez à des Jeux de Fée sur Lorsque vous pensez aux fées, tinkerbell et d'autres comptes de fées nous passent par l'esprit. Choisissez un jeu et partez dans le monde des fantaisies.
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Fairy Games

Fairies are mythological magic creatures having inexplicable and supernatural powers. They often lead a secret lifestyle and sometimes intervene in events with someone's daily life. The image of a fairy as of an attractive and miniature woman was shaped in the literature of Romanticism during the Victorian era. Yet in a broad sense, it was customary for the word fairy to be interpreted as a whole variety of mythological creatures.

Although fairies are often perceived as kind creatures, they may not always be nice. While some are ready to provided help, they can be exceptionally sensitive creatures and that is considered to be their most dominant trait. Fairies have been known to be vengeful, cause human or livestock disease, and even set fires to homes and harvests.

Fairies have become almost an integral part of some game genres in the fantasy especially games in the adventure, role-playing games, strategy game, and other game genres. In the game world, fairies are often the main source of magic as they can skillfully master certain natural elements.

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