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Je ne suis pas un Robot

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A comforting warmth greeted us all this morning as we pushed the boat the in. Flat sea’s paved the way for easy dolphin spotting. Our first sighting took place at 07h30 and included that of four individuals including a mom and juvi who passed through down below with not much of a sideward glance. Both illusive and non-engaging dolphins have been encountered the past couple of days with me wondering what exactly is making them shy away. Change in weather, predation or an increase in boats targeting our finned friends.
As we were heading home we located Rusty in the company a small nursery pod of 5 including two calves. Some erratic swimming pursued as well as extended dive times. At one point looking down into the depths below, the small group could be seem on the sand below. As the one mom came up for air, her little one decided to speed off on its own. A seemingly desperate call was made by mom who quickly chased after the spritely little being. Shortly after a shark was sighted tailing the group of dolphins as they sped of out of harms way.

Ajouté le 06 Apr 2017
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