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National Geographic Channel_THINK AGAIN

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Description de la vidéo

A TV Commercial project for AMGD (Advanced Motion Graphic) subject in Multimedia Design, and the broadcast channel we chose is “National Geographic Channel”.
Our idea to create a campaign, also knowledge of awareness, so we bring out the “Arctic Pole” as a starting point for the execution.
Arctic Pole’s icebergs have been detected a dangerous situation in a present time, that place used to be very cold and even the polar bears love the environment, but because of this, it causes the temperature increased and the icebergs begin to melt and collapsed one and another. Throughout the process, we create a short story to link the causes of Arctic Pole, which is the unhealthy gases exposed from vehicles, industrial factory and etc., then follow up with the construction land, and the trees cut down one and another, causing the animals to face extinction and no more safer place to live but to move away to an environment where they should be.
With a simple message in this commercial, hopefully somehow can raise a little awareness so that people in this world would go green for more and love it before it gets worse than before as we are living in a technology era, which could possibly causes any harmful by just creating a gadget.
Execution Software: CINEMA 4D, Adobe After Effects CS6
Music Credits:
STANTON, PA by Harry Gregson-Williams UNSTOPPABLE Original Motion Picture Score
Disclaimers: All concept work based the video is purely for education purposes ONLY.
2012 MM1005-2, Simplicity Production, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Added on 08 May 2017
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