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Je ne suis pas un Robot

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Description de la vidéo

It is that time of the year again.. Welcome to my spring 2016 Showreel!
00:05 - 00:15: Still Life
// This was a CG integration exercise done for a university assignment, all the way from HDRI shooting to final render. Shaded using the alShader library for Arnold. I wrote a lengthy breakdown over here, if anyone is interested: zenopelgrims.com/still-life-breakdown
00:15 - 00:26: Path Tracer
// Personal project, done in my spare time. This one was a lot of fun :). Breakdown over here! zenopelgrims.com/path-tracer
00:26 - 00:35: Zoic
// I wrote an optically imperfect camera shader for the Arnold renderer, capable of simulating both image based bokeh shapes and optical vignetting. Written in C++. The documentation with examples can be found here: zenopelgrims/zoic
00:41 - 01:00: Internet Explorer
// You know that one kid in primary school who dreamt of becoming the best inventor the world has ever seen? Well, Theodore was that kid. So when the news broke that the Internet Cloud had escaped – lost to the skies – he knew that this was his moment to do something big. Returning the Internet Cloud would be his mission. 20 years later, his journey is about to come to an end.
Internet Explorer is my second year one minute short. It was created in an incredibly short time frame of 3 and a half months, during which we had other, even bigger university assignments. Since I had so many roles in it, the work I've done is ok - but far from perfect. However, I am very proud of what we we're able to pull together in this short period of time.
I was responsible for Directing, Producing, Pre-Production, Character and Prop Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Grooming, Shading, Lighting and Rendering.
01:00 - 01:08: Goosebumps (2016)
// The Moving Picture Company gave me the incredible opportunity to sculpt, retopo and UV one of the hero creatures for Goosebumps during my modeling internship there after my first year of university. The head was sculpted by a very talented fellow artist, I did the body and legs.
OVERVIEW EXTRAS: South American market place
// A still life commissioned by 3D World Magazine for a tutorial on Arnold and XGen. I can only show a teaser of the image.
OVERVIEW EXTRA: Gauthier The Happy Chef
// Gauthier is a happy man. He dreams about working in one of the most respected restaurants in Europe. However - he knows that everyone who wants to reach the top, has to start from the bottom. Because of this, he tries to do his current job - wrapping up happy meals - as perfect as possible.
OVERVIEW EXTRA: Anatomy For The Artist
// I read a lot of anatomy books during my train commutes to and back from school a couple of years ago. This didn't go without the strange looks of people I did not know. The picture basically tries to capture how I think these people saw me while reading my precious Anatomy for the Artist bibles.

Music: Blazo - Brisk Yellow

Ajouté le 03 Apr 2017
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