Jeux Nain

Jouez à des Jeux de Nain sur Les nains sont de petites créatures puissantes avec une force extraordinaire et des armures métalliques et dorées bien travaillées. Jouez à des jeux de nains passionants sur Y8 dÚs maintenant !
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Dwarf Games

Dwarves are little human-shaped people that dwell in mountains and in the earth below. Their origin is from Germanic and Scandinavian mythology. They can be found in fairytales, legends, and some times as yard decorations. They may or may not feature little red hats. In different languages, they are usually known under different names. For example, “gnomes” in Russian, "krasnoludek" in Polish, etc. They are known to wear beards, be wealthy, and have fine schools of craftsmanship. Along with such creatures as elves, goblins, trolls, and others, they are popular characters from the fantasy genre in literature, cinema, and video games.

In literature, dwarves are represented from different points of view. They can be both positive and negative characters. Often their main features are being treacherous, crafty, and skilled in magic. Dwarves can be both forces of great reward and also tyrants that severely punish for indifference. The gaming industry greatly influenced the subsequent image of dwarves, in particular, genres like role-playing games which was inspired by older board games like Dungeon and Dragons. After the incredible success of such type of games, dwarves often began to appear as a game race. Usually, developers would give them features of Scandinavians or Celts, while they may look stocky and strong with thick beards. They are also known as outstanding blacksmiths and warriors. Otherwise often times they are represented as smaller figures with having overpowered skills for engineering and magic.

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