Jeux Lemmings

Jouez à des Jeux Lemmings sur Tout le monde aime ces petites créatures stupides qui avancent pour sacrifier leurs vies pour le bien des autres Lemmings. L'objectif est de sauver la majorité d'entre eux en en sacrifiant le moins possible. Pouvez-vous le faire ?
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Lemmings Games

Lemmings is a 1991 puzzle game released for early personal computers called the Commodore Amiga. The game is one of the best selling games of all time and ported to many different platforms including early Macintosh computers. There were many sequels, remakes, and spin-offs that made Lemmings into a large game development franchise.

The main goal of the game is to guide a certain number of lemmings to the exit. Lemmings are small creatures that are thoughtlessly going forward no matter what dangers await them. The player is tasked with commanding each lemming with up to eight different abilities like: dig a tunnel, turn lemmings another direction, and more. Without any command, the lemmings will simply go forward, ignoring absolutely everything, falling off ledges. Lemmings games are divided into levels, combined into four groups depending on difficulty. With the increasing difficulty of the levels, there will be new obstacles in the landscape, such as falling rocks, high walls, and lava lakes. Lemmings die when they fall from high up places, so they need to work together for the survival of the group.