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Nox motel is a animation short made for the first year end assignment at the university of the arts Utrecht. It took me eight weeks to create, but in the end I’m happy with the result.

Apart from the characters and a few 3d models to save myself some time, I did everything myself and with the feedback from the teachers and classmates.
The animations is made in Autodesk Maya and has not been rendered. It’s all done in viewport 2.0. This made is possible to do a lot of testing and changing without completely render everything over and over again.
The story is about a man who visits Nox Motel. He arrives at the parking lot infront of the motel ann opens the front door. He looks around and walks to the bartender. He gets a key from and walks up to the door of his room. When he opens the door he sees something he didn’t expect, It’s the bar again! Behind him is the parking lot he arrived at. It must have been a severe case of déjà vu. He gets another key from the bartender, but the second time he walks up to the door there is no door! He runs back to the bar, but there is nobody there. He runs to the front door, opens it expecting to see the parking lot, but instead it’s the hallway again. He hears a sound, turns around and the bar is filled with people again. Suddenly they all look at him and begin to stand up. He runs passed them back to the hallway. The door closes and he is locked out. He covers himself from the people who are closing in. and the door suddenly opens. He wakes up in his car parked at the parking lot in front of the motel. He walks back to the front door. He opens it and there is his motel room with his suitcase placed on the bed and a card saying “thank you for staying at Nox Motel”.

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Ajouté le 03 Feb 2017