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60 Minutes Til Rot

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Détails concernant le jeu

“60 Minutes Til Rot” survival game where you scavenger for supplies during the day with intense base-defense mechanics against the apocalypse horde by night. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this short narrative-driven game follows the journey of struggling siblings as they fight for survival against overwhelming odds. During the day, players must explore their surroundings and scavenge for essential supplies to sustain themselves and fortify their base. Every decision counts as they gather food, water, weapons, and other resources necessary for survival. With limited time and resources, players must prioritize their actions wisely and plan ahead to ensure their survival. As night falls, the true challenge begins as the apocalypse horde descends upon the players’ base. Armed with only their wits and whatever defenses they’ve managed to assemble, players must fend off wave after wave of relentless enemies. Are you ready to scavenge, survive, and fight for your life in “60 Minutes Til Rot”? Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Ajouté le 07 Mar 2024