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Boomby is a special kind of bomb that never stops exploding. Help him out by finding the nearest pool of water as soon as possible, but not without collecting some coin on the way there. Boomby explodes every 2 seconds. Keep track of the time bar at the bottom of the screen, time your moves right. There are multiple routes to the pool, keep exploring if you get stuck or frustrated at a section of the map. Trampolines are a tricky, patience pays off. Try not to rush out of the first explosion after touching one. After the first explosion, the bounce rhythm balances out. There are 3 bomb "keys" (red, green, blue). These allow you to destroy colored bricks. Yellow Coins: $1, Platinum Coins: $5, Green Coins: $20. The only purpose of crouching is to move the camera down (and to look cute, actually). Enjoy playing Boomby game here at Y8.com!

Catégorie: Action & Aventure
Ajouté le 08 Feb 2021