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Decor: Streaming

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Détails concernant le jeu

"Decor: Streaming" brings a whole new level of customization to the beloved Decor Games series. Step into the virtual world of streaming and take control of every aspect of the streamer's environment, including their appearance! From designing the perfect backdrop with stylish beds, gaming chairs, walls, floors, and room decorations to picking the streamer's look, the creative possibilities are endless. Craft a space that reflects the streamer's unique personality and interests while keeping their audience engaged and entertained. With intuitive controls and a vast array of options to explore, "Decor: Streaming" lets you unleash your inner designer and create the ultimate streaming experience. Get ready to transform not only the background but also the streamer themselves, and watch as your creativity takes center stage in the world of online entertainment!

Catégorie: Jeux de Fille
Développeur: Y8 Studio
Ajouté le 24 May 2024
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