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Daisy is tied up to a wall, and she is jumping all the way to collect dolls. With every toy she gets, she will go faster and faster. She can find different items on her way, which will help her in her journey. Speed boosters and many other power-ups are waiting for her to collect. Help her collect as many dolls as possible, you have to move her using the up and down arrow keys. Avoid as much as you can the road signs. If you hit them, you will drop the dolls you have already picked up. If you do not collect many dolls, you will move slower. When you will not be able to move anymore, you will be dragged back, fast. Try to pass through all the circles that you see when you are coming back. They will get you bonus points. Make sure that you still have some dolls in your hands when you stop, or Daisy will be sad. Are you ready? Enjoy playing The Bungee game here at Y8.com!

Catégorie: Arcade & Classiques
Ajouté le 31 Dec 2020