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Line Eraser

Joué 2,951 fois
Détails concernant le jeu

Line Eraser is a free puzzle game. First you build the line then the line disappears. Such is the nature of all line based games. Like a sand castle built along the frothing, sandy beach all your lines will slowly melt into the great sea of electro-blocks as they fall. Like traditional Tetris-style polynominal games, you will be manipulating random shapes as they fall from the top of the screen. The difference in this game is that the playing space is huge, absolutely huge. It is easily double the size of the normal Tetris and by definition that means that this game will be double the fun. That is not marketing, that is not hype, that is just math.

Catégorie: Arcade & Classiques
Ajouté le 12 Jul 2022