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Sweet Bite

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Détails concernant le jeu

Welcome to the exciting world of sweet adventures! In "Sweet Bite" you will soar to the top of the confectionery industry, making the dreams of a little stickman come true who dreams of creating the most magnificent confectionery kingdom! Start your journey with a small plot of land and a modest pastry shop. Grow your own unique ingredients, from sugar canes to exotic fruits, in your own plantations. Take care of plants, monitor weather conditions and improve your farming skills. Then, be transported into the world of cooking, where you will have to create amazing desserts and sweet treats. Experiment with different recipes and improve your production skills to satisfy the tastes of the most discerning gourmets. Don't forget about the team! Hire experienced workers, train them in skills to help you in the production process. Create a real confectionery kingdom, where every sweet masterpiece is a step towards your culinary dream. The goal of the game is to turn a small stickman's confectionery shop into a thriving confectionery empire by growing ingredients, preparing desserts, managing production and conquering the market. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Ajouté le 15 Apr 2024